Maria, Petrona, Isabel, Sabina and her husband live in the Mayan-ixil region of Werstern Guatemala, a land torn apart from thirty-six years of internal armed conflicts and now looted by multinationals. Their goal is to find decent work in the United States.

Too poor, according to the requirements of the United States, to obtain a regular entry visa in the country, the protagonists felt obliged to migrate using the trafficking routes managed by the coyotes.

In a dedicated narrative constructed between Mexico and Guatemala, the five protagonists blend their voices with tenacity to report the violence suffered from the traffickers, the narcos and the police during their journey to the United States.

A tale of Central American imigration from a female point of view, of the Dia de los muertos, following the Dia de los muertos, which in a choral and symbolic embrace finally welcomes the characters and tries to heal their wounds.

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